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There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of freedom you get when you realise that you don’t have to follow the beaten path. 

Without judgment, with respect for people and nature, expressing your true self. 

That’s why we look for freedom - in nature and art. 

Our brand has been inspired by many stories.

We dedicate UNWAY to those who choose not to conform but go the one, unique way - their own.

We care about how our products are made. 

That’s why we create our clothes in a local sewing room, where you can feel the passion for making clothes in the air. The employees are well paid and take care of every detail in UNWAY’s pieces. 

We use fabrics which are as environmentally friendly as possible, while continuing to look for unique solutions. We’re constantly searching for innovative ways to improve our future collections.

Embracing the slow fashion philosophy, we produce only a small number of items to prevent overproduction. 

Our clothes are designed and made in Poland. 

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