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dream & roses 


We introduce to you our mini collection 'dream & roses,' drawing inspiration from the beauty of the nature that surrounds us, as well as the power of dreams.

Roses symbolize beauty, love, and the celebration of important moments in our lives. Flowers represent a symbolic tribute to the effort we put into turning our dreams into reality. We want to emphasize the importance of appreciating ourselves and our work, as well as the journey we undertake to achieve our goals.
So let's reward ourselves, in our own - best! - way and appreciate every step we take towards our dreams. This is what we wish for ourselves and for you. Let's bloom in our own unique way.

Our concept involves a harmonious combination of nature - where we use plant-based materials - and sustainable practices. We encourage you to slow down, to relax even in fashion, where we emphasize quality and an individual approach. We invite you into our world.


Experience the essence of slow fashion, where your unique order is met with handcrafted, locally created, and vegan-friendly attire.

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